Achievement Mindset Coaching

“ You might be building your career, a solopreneur, or both! Whatever your situation I’ll guide you towards delivering the success you deserve..”

The foundation of it all is what I call your Achievement Mindset. I believe that success is more than getting things done, it’s a frame of mind and a way of being. My goal is to work with you to create that for you. 

With the pace of change today, clarity – about your goals, strengths, and what you stand for – is all important in driving your success and satisfaction. Here’s my six-step approach to creating that with you

1. Clarity Call

A discovery session to define the success territory you seek. We’ll work through ten questions which will point the way forward for our work together, as well as having value as a self-contained exercise.

2. Destination-Mapping

This is all about setting goals and priorities. We’ll identify the resources you already have – and those you’ll need - to get you where you want to be.

3. CV-Upgrade

I’ll draw on my decades of experience to give your CV the polish it needs to ensure you stand out to those holding the keys to your next career destination.

4. Push Pull Job Search

Successful career building is increasingly about pushing yourself out there as well as pulling in opportunities you seek out. I’ll help you balance scanning the market for future opportunities with taking the initiative to promote yourself.

5. Self Marketing

Interview techniques, self-presentation, handling the ‘mental gymnastics’ essential to creating the right impression. I’m on hand to give you the personalised guidance you need in all these areas.

6. Happy Landings!

Great! You’ve got that role! Now it’s about making the right impact early on. I’ll help you strategise to build key relationships and decode the success factors that will keep your performance on track with consistent improvement.


Clarity Call

£ 97
  • Upto 45mins Live Video Call
  • Discover your strengths & expertise.
  • Identify areas for development
  • Outline your goals & desired destination.

CV Upgrade

£ 250
  • Clarity Call Plus:-
  • Destination-Mapping
  • Achievement & Skills Consultation
  • CV design & editing
  • Final approval

Full Coaching Programme

£ 495 3 Payments of £165.00 Available
  • Clarity Call
  • Destination-Mapping
  • CV Upgrade
  • Push Pull Job Search
  • Self Marketing
  • Support & Guidance week by week
  • Answering questions within 24hrs​
  • Access to tools & tips

Achievement Mindset Mentoring Programme

£ 4997 Monthly Payment Plan Available
  • 1 Year Partnership
  • Designed to bring about a powerful personal and professional transformation – the fullest expression of your Achievement Mindset.
  • The partnership is based around monthly coaching calls, drawing on elements of the coaching programme, and bespoke support to address your specific goals and development needs
  • Bespoke support to address your specific goals and development needs.

Live Video Calls

We'll get on a live video conference call with you to discuss that week and talk through any issues.

24/7 Accountability

Here to help you through the course and call you out if your falling behind.

Group Sessions

Discuss your work and progress in detail.

It has been a pleasure to have Fitzroy as a Coach and Mentor, the opportunity to learn from someone so wise and passionate and dedicated to inclusion and equality has reinstilled my faith in fairness in today's world. As someone who is aspiring to become a future leader, I found Fitzroy's e-book: Seven Habits of Highly Inclusive Leaders, very insightful as it provides a lot of food for thought in relation to the debates about the qualities of a leader, and most definitely sets the bar as to what a leader should be in modern society today.
Rema Khatun