Coaching for inclusion

“ Inclusion is more than a buzzword, it is the foundation for effective leadership in today's and tomorrow's world.”

We are all inclusive in some way. 

Many will find it easiest to include those with whom they most identify. That is a basic part of being human. 

The good news is that gives us all a foundation for developing our ability to be more inclusive of a wider range of people. 

Our ability to get the best from others rests upon being able to recognise everyone’s contribution, starting from the reality that everyone is different.

These are leadership skills, and we all need them. Leadership is no longer just about seniority – it’s about how we show up at work regardless of our position. 

It’s about how we relate to others, and how we converse – particularly when we disagree, are uncertain, or perceive risk in a situation. It’s about how we all shape the cultures of work we are part of – if you are present, you have influence.

That is where being inclusive counts the most, and where we can make the most difference to others in a positive way.

If all of this interests you, I know I can support you to be better and do better. I’d love to hear from you.

It has been a pleasure to have Fitzroy as a Coach and Mentor, the opportunity to learn from someone so wise and passionate and dedicated to inclusion and equality has reinstilled my faith in fairness in today's world. As someone who is aspiring to become a future leader, I found Fitzroy's e-book: Seven Habits of Highly Inclusive Leaders, very insightful as it provides a lot of food for thought in relation to the debates about the qualities of a leader, and most definitely sets the bar as to what a leader should be in modern society today.
Rema Khatun