The Complete Course

You might be climbing the career ladder or striving as a ‘solopreneur’. 

You might be doing both! 

In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world, clarity is all important in driving your success. Clarity about your goals, your strengths, what you represent and stand for. These are the underpinnings of satisfaction in work and life.

I’ll work with you to develop that clarity and deliver the success you deserve. Here’s my approach.

Clarity Call

A discovery session – informed by a preparatory questionnaire – where we begin to define the success territory you seek. This is valuable as a self contained exercise as well as laying the foundations for future engagement.


Building on the clarity call, work during this phase is about goal-setting and identifying the resources you already possess that will get you to where you want to go, as well as those you will need. You’ll emerge with a refined sense of the priorities that will guide what you do in work and life over a defined period.

CV Upgrade

Our previous work will have generated material to be used here. I’ll draw on my decades of experience to give your CV the polish it needs to ensure you shine and stand out to those holding the keys to your next career destination.

Push-and-pull job search

Getting the role you want is both about scanning the market to choose from the available opportunities in the public domain (pulling) and also speculation – choosing and taking the initiative to proactively approach (pushing). I’ll help you find the right balance between push and pull, and help you present on paper to maximum effect.


Your CV will get you through the door. Closing the deal from there is all about informing and persuading in ways that do you justice. Whether it’s interview techniques, self-presentation, or the mental gymnastics you need to handle the right first impression at key stages, I’m on hand to give you the personalised guidance you need.

Happy landings! Then what?
My coaching process is geared towards getting you to the place you want to be. It continues beyond securing that next opportunity, however. Making the impact you want in the early stages of your new role is a vital area of focus, and a review session at this stage will help you strategise to build key relationships and decode the success factors that will keep your performance on track.

Just some of the enterprises I have worked for and with over the last thirty years….

What Others Say ...

"It is rare to meet someone as genuine, organised and calm as Fitzroy. He can definitely think outside the box! A networker, a knowledgeable shaker and a maker who drives action while being a fantastic role model. A pure joy to work with!"

Jana Javornik

Associate Professor in Work and Employment Relations, University of Leeds and acting Director General of Higher Education, Slovenia

"His definitions of equality diversity and inclusion are powerful and simple and that ones best self at work is one way of delivering ones best performance, this is key".

James Turner

Senior Manager, Work & Health, 
Leeds City Council

"As gifted a thinker and writer on some of the key challenges of our times and how to solve them....The world needs to hear from this man!"

Jeremie Alamazani

CEO and Founder, Square Rock Group & Founder, Wealth Partners Ltd

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