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"Inclusion is A habit for Leaders, Teams, and Workplaces"

I’m a coach, event facilitator, speaker, and author

 I help leaders be the best we can in work and life through being more inclusive in our communication and relationships, breaking free of the fear and anxiety about ‘getting it wrong’ that gets in our way 


You are already inclusive....
be more so!

We already know how to be inclusive. The skill to develop is how we can be that with a wider range of people, to consistently get the best from ourselves and others


Discover Seven Habits of Highly Inclusive Leaders

learn to include - learn to lead

Inclusion lives in everyday relationships and conversations, and we are all leaders in creating inclusion no matter what position we hold. 

I create learning spaces where people can think about what they already do and can do more of, in ways that can deliver immediate benefits in work and life.


Inclusive workplaces harness leadership talent at every level. Indeed, your inclusion leaders are everywhere.

 Learn to value them as a key asset and harness the skills they possess so you can spread them around


Every enterprise has diversity. The question is what you do with it. 

The smart thing to do is to be inclusive. That requires a different style of conscious leadership


Belonging is the end and ongoing product of effective inclusive leadership. It is a dynamic process.

Everyone is their best self and does their best work. And you know it because you feel it 

Tomorrow's Workforce
Expects Leadership Through Inclusion & Belonging

Just some of the enterprises I have worked for and with over the last thirty years….

What Others Say ...

"It is rare to meet someone as genuine, organised and calm as Fitzroy. He can definitely think outside the box! A networker, a knowledgeable shaker and a maker who drives action while being a fantastic role model. A pure joy to work with!"

Jana Javornik

Associate Professor in Work and Employment Relations, University of Leeds and acting Director General of Higher Education, Slovenia

"His definitions of equality diversity and inclusion are powerful and simple and that ones best self at work is one way of delivering ones best performance, this is key".

James Turner

Senior Manager, Work & Health, 
Leeds City Council

"As gifted a thinker and writer on some of the key challenges of our times and how to solve them....The world needs to hear from this man!"

Jeremie Alamazani

CEO and Founder, Square Rock Group & Founder, Wealth Partners Ltd

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